Cleangoal has made a number of investments in clean energy technologies based on in-depth analysis of the marketplaces, the underlying technologies and working closely with the management teams of each. Our investments include the following:

Thorium One International Ltd.
Thorium One International Ltd is a private Canadian holding company which has an ownership position in Terrestrial Energy Inc. (TEI). Terrestrial Energy was founded in early 2013. Its business objective is to develop its patent-pending Integral Molten Salt Reactor (“IMSR”), and be ready for commercial deployment by the 2020s. The IMSR offers a completely new paradigm for civilian nuclear energy.

The Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR) is a commercially viable MSR that is designed to meet today’s market need – cost competitive, scalable and grid independent civilian heat and power, heat and power at source of demand and not supply. The IMSR is a completely new narrative for civilian nuclear energy: safe, low levels of manageable waste and exemplary proliferation resistance.

Canada provides a favorable jurisdiction for the company’s MSR development, licensing and marketing. TEI believes it can achieve its mission by 2020s – to deliver clean, modular and cost competitive heat and power to global industry. TEI’s proprietary IMSR has the potential to revolutionize energy and industrial production. The net result – TEI’s IMSR is the most disruptive industrial technology today.

Trans Act Energy Corp.
The world already understands that its ever growing supply of waste is a resource. Last year we generated worldwide close to two (2) billion tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) of which over fifty per cent (50%) ended up in landfills. We processed through waste-to energy (WTE) plants 0.2 Billion tons of MSW with an estimated output of 130 terawatt hours (TWh) of electricity. Under current incineration technology for every one ton of municipal solid waste (MSW) burned we don’t have to mine one third ton of coal or import one barrel of oil. However these plants are only fourteen to sixty percent (14 to 60%) efficient (that’s if the heat and electricity) and are still producing greenhouse gases and noxious ash.

The business is building/owning/operating the only, profitable, emissions free, carbon negative, industrial scale, waste processing plant; that produces fuel (diesel, gasoline, aviation), LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), Carbon Black and recycled materials (metal, nylon, cotton) from municipal solid waste, medical waste, agricultural waste and industrial waste.

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