beinggreenh1700Cleangoal is a firm specializing in emerging companies in the Clean Technology and Clean Energy Industry. The founder Ken Lelek’s investment strategies are aimed at securing positive returns on investment regardless of overall market performance. Companies that have been chosen by Cleangoal are particularly interested in the impacts of human activity on the natural ecosystems of our great planet, while promoting the symbiotic relationship that exists between business and the environment.

The company intends to continue to raise capital for investments in new projects while continuing to work with its existing investments. Cleangoal mentors the management teams of the companies in which it has invested, providing them with capital advice and structure in moving towards the public markets.
Cleangoal expects that the private companies in which it invests will go public in the very near future, providing value and liquidity for its shareholders, as well as the ability to raise more capital.
Socially responsible investment (SRI) is the key to the future, and we are leading the way.